Premia Chemicals, an ISO 9001-2015 Certified Chemical Company, is one of the Fastest growing Indian Manufacturers of Textile Auxiliaries to a wide variety of industrial, institutional and retail customers. In addition to custom-formulation services to create chemical solutions to deal with specific client problems, we offer our own in-house product line of specialty chemicals, developed through many years building industry knowledge. We ship these products across India from our warehousing facility at Punjab.

Mission and Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as a leader in the distributon and manufacturing of chemical solutons across multple industries. Our mission is to provide high-performance products and top-notch services to our customers that add value to their businesses.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Making a Difference! At PREMIA, the ideology of good corporate citizenship and dutiful measure executions are imbibed as core values. It is a strong belief of sense and an intricately woven in their operations. For the people at PREMIA, CSR

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Why Us?

Our commitment to providing high-performance products coupled with quick turnaround and top-notch services at the right cost, makes the selecton of Premia Chemicals the smart choice! We manufacture products with highest quality standards under stringent Environment, Health and Safety norms.

Premiachem: Testimonial

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Service Excellence

We believe the cornerstone of our success has been our relatonship with our clients. In fact, maintaining and furtherdeveloping customer relatonships is a core mission of ours, and is why we focus considerable effort on providing a superior experience to them. Through service excellence, we can contnue not only to satsfy our existng customers, but to win new ones, building our reputaton by providing products that consistently perform to a level that exceeds our customers’ expectatons. And they do, which is why we can unconditonally guarantee our products, and confidently put our expertse against anyone in this industry.